Fischer Audio DBA-02 MkII Review

13 07 2012


Fischer Audio is known for their great Audio Eterna IEM, which managed to deliver a “full” sound without compromising much the rest of the spectrum. This time, I’m going to review their second version of their widely known top IEM, the DBA-02(MkII). These are the newer version of the older DBA-02 featuring a new housing, cables, all in all a complete facelift from the old ones. Being the former DBA-02 a staple in their price bracket, I knew these would surprise me in a good way. As I said in my former reviews, my primary musical choices are electronic music, dance, drum and bass and some dubstep. Some say that the former DBA-02 were perhaps a tad too bright for some and lacked some body. Let’s see if either the newer model suffers from those “problems” or if it improves those particular frequency ranges.


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